Senior School

We have a long tradition of academic excellence at Somerset West Private School. We base our successes on:

  • Attracting pupils of ability who value academic success;
  • Encouraging self-reliance and self-discipline;
  • Attracting and encouraging a dedicated staff;
  • Helping pupils to achieve and always give of their best;
  • Providing extra classes, free of charge, every day of the week (even Saturdays);
  • Encouraging pupils to believe in themselves and their abilities.
Our pupils consistently achieve at the highest level, and nearly all our learners enroll at tertiary institutions for further studies. A number of our learners achieve A-aggregates in and that over 90% achieve Matric endorsement. Our Matriculants write the Western Cape Education Senior Certificate. In Grade 9, all pupils write the GETC (General Education and Training Certificate).  

All pupils write examinations in June and December, and Matriculants write Trial Exams in September.

A top set in English, Mathematics, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences allows pupils of the highest caliber to extend their academic experience and join the Cambridge International programme if so desired.

Grades 8 and 9 follow all eight learning areas.

Our pupils take part in numerous academic pursuits beyond the classroom: Olympiads, various competitions, and Eisteddfods are all examples of such. Pupils also participates in the prestigious UCT Mathematics competition.

Parents are kept informed about progress via quarterly reports, and all grades attend parent meetings to discuss problems that might occur in academic performance. Each grade has a grade head that follows the learners’ progress through the term and will contact the parents immediately if required.