Students’ Comments

Evert Jansen van Vuuren (Head boy 2011)

Tim Redmond once said “There are many things that catch my eye, but there are only a few things that catch my heart…” Somerset West Private School caught my heart.

I wasn’t the type of person who really hated school, but at the same time I didn’t really like it. I always had a problem understanding my schoolwork and because of this I struggled to do my work. Since I came to Somerset West Private I have developed a passion for going to school, because at Somerset West Private the educators are very passionate and successful at what they do and as Reggie Leach said “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire”, that is what the educators at Somerset West Private do, they set themselves on fire. They go the extra mile to help you achieve.

Seeing that I obtained this passion for this school I have made great achievements, my marks has drastically increased and I have become a more positive person, because with good marks comes a higher self-esteem.

I want to end of with saying that our principal Morne Coetzer is an unbelievable motivator, I have learned a lot from him, he has played a big role in my life for he has created a school where people can learn to love school and if you love what you are doing you will never have to work in your life.


Eric Marais:

Eric’s First Year at the University of Cape Town:

2007 was a good year for me at the University of Cape Town, and I have Somerset West Private School to thank. They prepared me better for the world of varsity studies than I believe any other school could have. The school gave me freedom to a larger degree than most schools, and that helped me adjust to university quickly and efficiently. Also, since I completed Grades 11 and 12 in one year, 2006, I was already used to the kind of workload one has to handle in (Electrical) Engineering at UCT. The teachers were a great inspiration to me to work hard, and it has paid off and will continue to do so.


Clara Chennells (Headgirl 2007):

I had been at quite a few different schools before discovering one that would prepare and launch me into the next phase of my life. I can safely say that the support and dedication I received from my school has enabled me to step into the world with belief in myself, and look forward to the challenges I must face. SWPS has given me so many opportunities – nowhere else will you find such a determined, caring and attentive staff; or an environment that encourages and cultivates every people’s own individuality and abilities. The optimism and self confidence that I’ve gained from this school has given me an attitude that tells me that I will be successful in anything I decide to do in the future. This has been an incredible experience!


Duarte Barata (Headboy 2007):

I had made a deal with my dad that I could play around in Grade 8 and 9 but come Gr. 10, I had to start studying and get good results. Grade 10 came and went. Still no studying, and this was a great worry for my parents, and they then turned to SWPS where my sister, Kate, previously graduated her matric. In my eyes SWPS is a great catalyst for success. The environment and the awesome teachers make it easy to reach your potential.

That is exactly what sets SWPS apart from other schools. One thing Morné taught me is that the way you choose to look at life makes a big difference. I chose not to see Matric as a mountain, I saw it as a little mole heap. It made my year a very relaxed and stress free one. SWPS and the teachers have given me the confidence to take on anything and I will be heading straight for university to start my B.Accounting course. I recommend SWPS to anyone who wants to dominate Matric! I just want to add, you don’t need to study 24/7 to get good results.

Personal philosophy: “ Party (at the right time) as hard as you work”. Just start studying a little each day from day one to make it easier for yourself. SWPS assured me of a successful future, and they could do the same for you. Booom! I received R7 000 for completing 2 years in one and getting 92% average.