Primary School

The primary school was started in 2007 in order to satisfy the demand of our parents who had happy, thriving children in the high school. The primary school started with 4 learners and has blossomed into a beautiful school of 30 learners based on premises separated from, but adjacent to the high school. The premises were renovated in 2011 by some of our loving parents, and are an impressive and well-loved section of our campus.

The academic focus in the primary school is on the development of three vital skills: reading, writing and mathematics. Since we look towards placing learners in high school who are fully equipped to meet the demands associated with advanced study, we ensure that the education offered at primary school level is of a very high quality.

We also understand that children are children and thus need a happy, safe and predictable environment in order to thrive. Therefore classes are small, our staff are caring and dedicated and children are allowed to progress at their own rate. The weaker child is supported is supported to reach the requirements of the Grade and the advanced child is allowed to progress at a faster rate.

Learning should also be exciting – and our children experience the excitement and sense of achievement associated with learning new concepts and skills through teaching methods that stimulate, motivate and encourage. We encourage our children to reach for their dreams.

The dynamic primary school team also offer students the opportunity to explore the arts by presenting a fabulous annual show – the script is written by the staff, and staff and learners do all the preparation, from composing music, to designing and building sets, to making costumes. Every child is included in this wonderful fanfare of delight!

Our learners are developed physically by means of an excellent physical education programme, swimming lessons and play ball, which is offered by an outside organisation.