Grade 11 Life Science Learners visit the Aquaruim


Monday morning in traffic…. After leaving Minchan behind because he was late– just to find out he is actually sick!!

Most of the learners have, at some time in their school careers, experienced the Aquarium at the Waterfront – usually in their Primary school days.

This time around we went for a lecture on sharks and the necessity of the conservation of sharks.  When we think of shark, negative thought tend to come to mind.  But if we look at statistics about sharks deaths and human deaths, we find that humans are much more dangerous to sharks than the other way around!  We cause many more shark deaths than sharks cause human deaths!

The morning started with a coffee and tour through the aquarium before the lecture.  Then we had an inspiring lecture about shark conservation.  We all left the laboratory in a different frame of mind about sharks. This morning was brought to an end with a lunch at the Waterfront – for sure an academic as well as a relaxing morning at the Waterfront!