A Brief Introduction


SWPS originated from the successful provision of extra mathematical tuition offered by the current principal giving extra maths classes. The demand of these classes and the success thereof, led to the opening of a school in 1998 that provided learners with confidence in succeeding with Mathematics.

SWPS is currently situated in the centre of Somerset West and attracts students from the Helderberg basin. Learners range from Grade 5 to Post Matric level.  The Post Matric group consists of learners who have been referred to SWPS by Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town upon failure to meet the minimum Mathematics and Science requirements on application for certain degrees at these Universities.  The Post Matric course continues for one year.

The school consists of two campuses which separate the Primary School and Secondary School from each other.  Even though these two divisions are on separate campuses, are within walking distance of each other and there is continuous of interaction between the learners.



SWPS strives towards the provision of a comprehensive academic education to its unique learners.  The school offers education to learners ranging from Grade 5 up to Post Matric.   The school focuses particularly on the development of Mathematics and Physical Science by inspiring learners to excel in both Mathematics and languages, which form the foundation of success in all other field of study.


It is the mission of SWPS to discover the prodigy within every individual.  SWPS aims to accomplish this by actively transforming every learner into the giant which is already present within, through the fulfilment and implementation of its Core Values.


Description and Statement Purpose

SWPS was established with the firm believe that all learners have the ability to fare well academically.  Given the right circumstances – which includes :

  • Small numbers
  • Close pupil-staff relationships
  • Careful blending of structure with age-appropriate personal freedom
  • To encourage learners to take responsibility for their own growth and development according to their own values of honesty, fairness, kindness, tolerance and mutual respect – and support it is within any individuals reach for successfully pass Grade 12.



The teaching staff is fully-qualified national school educators.   It provides a child centred education as laid down in the Primary School and Senior School Curriculums of the Department of Education, and the School is fully recognized by the Department of Education.

The school’s ethos, structure, curriculum and activities reflect the strong belief that the intellectual, aesthetic, spiritual, moral, physical and social growth of each boy and girl at each age level is of paramount importance.

  • We respect each other and each other’s property;
  • We help and care for each other;
  • We listen actively to each other and we are courteous.


Through the staff’s example, skilled experience and enthusiastic involvement and with parental support, learners at SWPS are encouraged to strive for accomplishment.


Aims and objectives 

  • To enable the learners to live a full life as a child
  • To equip each learner to avail of further education that he/she may go on to live a full and useful life as and adults in society;
  • To enable each learner to know and value him-/herself to form objective recognized standards of judgement and behaviour by learning through experience to live and co-operate with other learners and adults, and gradually become familiar with the complete nature of the society of which they are part;
  • The development for each learner of the basic skills needed for communication, evaluation and conceptualization of ideas.  Among the most important are reading, writing, speaking and computational skills;
  • The provision for each learner to nurture interests and develop natural talent through varied school and supplementary opportunities;
  • The expansion of the spiritual growth of the child in co-operation with the family, especially by helping them to identify and cultivate ethic and moral values.



In the classroom the atmosphere which we all work hard to develop is open and tolerant, friendly and kind, positive and challenging and honest and sincere.   We come to class well prepared for our lessons, with all the relevant books and equipment, we are punctual and ready to work.  The focus of the educators should be to uplift the learners.



The Mathematics Educators have the mind set of anyone can do mathematics, in other words, each learner has the potential to pass his grade successfully and we also focus on getting the learners to become academically independent, responsible for themselves and taking accountability for their education.   Weekly evaluations take place and parents are kept informed via emails and sms’s.   This is to improve the relationship between the learners and educators.